Economic Uncertainty to Stimulate Property?

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Could it be that the saviour of the property market in Australia is actually Donald Trump? With all of the discussions around trade wars, currency manipulations, a falling Australian Dollar, historically low interest rates and a stock market that is being thrown around like a rag doll by international events may be the trigger investors need to get back into residential property. Certainly Gold, Silver and other precious metals are doing well under these circumstances, particularly as they have physical properties. With discussions around the residential market showing signs of reaching the bottom of the cycle, returns higher than bank interest rates, property may actually fall into one of the few asset classes that is demonstrating some form of stability. The RBA is certainly hoping this is the case, though confidence still has to come from the top and some support from media around the positives is always beneficial. Add in some firm international migration numbers, infrastructure spending and China looking to stimulate their own economy and Australia may just get through all of this turmoil. #buyers #residentialproperty #propertymarket #lowinterestrates