The National Property Research Company undertakes research across all development types.   However, we have established a particular specialisation in large residential and mixed use developments.

Our research and analysis is specifically targeted to understanding how economic impacts and demographic and social trends affect the property and development industry.

Every office and industrial market in the country has its own nuances and characteristics that can make or break a new project.  Many times the refurbishment market has as much relevance and opportunity as starting from scratch.  There are usually very challenging approval processes that can cross into heritage or site remediation issues.

How Can We Help You?

The National Property Research Company can assist developers by undertaking highly targeted competitor analysis studies.  Helping you understand where the difference in face rents and actual rents cross and just how large those incentives are can mean the difference between success and failure.  Our understanding of the broader macro issues and business environment combined with the capacity to reduce it into a comprehensive micro explanation will leave you far wiser and more informed than when you started.

Infill and Brownfield Developments 

These are similar to both Mixed-use and Precinct Developments but involve the redevelopment of medium to large sites and usually a change of use. These developments may require rehabilitation, decontamination, restoration or all of the above. Some Brisbane examples of these include the Powerhouse in New farm, Roma Street Parklands and The Barracks in Paddington. Smaller infill sites may be the result of lot amalgamations which could enable an increase in density.   

How Can We Help You?

The National Property Research Company can undertake a Highest and Best Use Study and/or a Feasibility Study for these developments to ensure the opportunities are maximised and risks are minimised.  Having a good understanding of how these projects fit into the broader urban fabric is often a very important part of overcoming any objections.

Resort and Tourism developments 

These types of development form a key component of the tourism industry and the Queensland economy. After several years of a sluggish tourism sector some recent Island Resort sales and key project approvals indicate that a slow recovery in this sector may be on the horizon. The growth in visitor numbers from China is expected to assist the industry recovery.    

How Can We Help You?

The National Property Research Company can undertake market demand studies looking at the tourism industry and assessing visitor numbers, seasonality of arrivals and departures, domestic and international visitors, spending dollars by tourists, leisure activities and attractions etc. This research will provide a better understanding of the tourist market which can be supplemented by focus group information to identify market opportunities and target key markets. 

Precinct Developments 

These may include mixed use developments with a particular focus or theme such as an education precinct, health precinct, Technology Park, sports and recreation facilities, theatre district, laneway development or dining and café precinct.    

How Can We Help You?

The National Property Research Company can provide targeted demographic analysis and conduct focus groups to assess the expected demand for facilities and determine the target market. Competitor analysis will also highlight areas where points of difference can be exploited and niche markets created.

Mixed-use Developments 

These developments generally include a component of residential, as well as some combination of retail, commercial and/or cafes and restaurants. They can range from a single block of units with some retail or cafes incorporated, up to a South Bank style development. These types of developments are becoming increasingly popular in inner city areas and transport corridors and nodes. 

How Can We Help You?

The National Property Research Company can undertake a demographic analysis and/or conduct focus groups of the surrounding population to assist in providing the appropriate dwelling mix for the target market. This research will also assist with provision of the appropriate non-residential uses in the development.  In addition, looking at sales rates combined with values (inclusive of residential, commercial and retail) and leasing rates will provide a guiding principle of what can be developed profitably.

New Town Centres 

These form a key component of master planned communities and generally include a mix of retail, commercial and community uses. Increasingly, local and state governments are requiring a level of ‘employment self-containment’ in large master planned areas to minimise transport costs and boost the economic benefits for the local economy. Planning and design of New Town Centres requires an understanding of the demographics and requirements of the population surrounding the master planned community. 

How Can We Help You?

The National Property Research Company can assist developers by undertaking demographic and focus group studies to better understand the needs of the surrounding community in order to provide the appropriate mix of facilities and services. This will assist with increasing the economic benefits of the town centre for the area.  Developing a sound and well thought out economic development strategy will underpin the long term benefits of any town centre for the wider community.

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