The National Property Research Company undertakes research across all development types.   However, we have established a particular specialisation in large residential and mixed use developments.

Our research and analysis is specifically targeted to understanding how economic impacts and demographic and social trends affect the property and development industry.

Every office and industrial market in the country has its own nuances and characteristics that can make or break a new project.  Many times the refurbishment market has as much relevance and opportunity as starting from scratch.  There are usually very challenging approval processes that can cross into heritage or site remediation issues.

How Can We Help You?

The National Property Research Company can assist developers by undertaking highly targeted competitor analysis studies.  

Helping you understand where the difference in face rents and actual rents cross and just how large those incentives are can mean the difference between success and failure.  

Our understanding of the broader macro issues and business environment combined with the capacity to reduce it into a comprehensive micro explanation will leave you far wiser and more informed than when you started.

Property Research with Integrity - Be In The Know