The National Property Research Co.

We are a Brisbane based company that undertakes work across Australia but we have a particular expertise in the Queensland property market.  

We provide property market insights that are based on independent research and local market knowledge established through a wide network of property market contacts.

As a result, our clients receive the most up to date information and advice to ensure they make the most informed business decisions.

The National Property Research Company is a business based on wearing out boot leather, car tyres and plane seats.

We believe that in order to really know what is happening in the property market you have to get out there and see what is actually happening. The best research is that which is conducted at the frontline.

This is our speciality and we pride ourselves on it.

Latest News

Foreign Investment and the Gold Coast’s Premium Apartment Market

The Gold Coast’s apartment market endured a very highly publicised downfall during the Global Financial Crisis which saw a number of high profile projects such as Soul, The Oracle and The Hilton suffer as a result. The consequence of those unfortunate circumstances has been a market inundated with mortgagee and insolvency sales, particularly in the higher price points, ever since. However, 2014 has proven to offer a glimmer of hope and a silver lining on the cloud of consumer confidence which has plagued the Gold Coast’s premium apartment market. So far, the sales in the Oracle are estimated to have reached approximately 95% completion whilst The Hilton has now officially sold out. Furthermore, premium grade insolvency stock on the Gold Coast has now almost passed through the system, clearing the decks for a new chapter for the area’s premium and super premium residential offerings.

As a number of new projects emerge, some questions must linger in regards to the depth of the Gold Coast’s premium apartment market in the wake of such pro-longed and unfavourable sales periods for large scale, high quality projects in recent history.

Is Queensland’s Interstate Migration About to Boom?

Population growth for Queensland has long been one of its key economic drivers.  It has provided considerable strength to the construction industry, driven strong retail output as well as given the civil sector some its largest projects in order to cope with the swelling population.  However the population trends have changed considerably over the past decade.

Escapism... The New Black!

The sale of New Motor Vehicles is often a good measure of where the economy is at and what businesses and individuals are thinking in terms of reasonable sized investments. Recent data suggests that things are going sideways in broad terms, however the stand out has been the ACT, the only State to record an increase over the previous month in both Trend (0.9%) and Seasonally Adjusted (1 .6%) data. When consideration is given to the same period last year, the big loser was Tasmania having fallen by 1 1 .6% on trend and 1 2.1% on seasonally adjusted data.