The National Property Research Co.

The National Property Research Company was founded in 1999 by the Managing Director, Matthew Gross. It was initially established as the sole research division for Herron Todd White in Brisbane with the company consulting directly to Kerry Herron on a monthly basis. In late 2001 The National Property Research Company expanded outside of Herron Todd White to grow into one of South East Queensland’s most respected property research firms.

The NPR Co. is a Brisbane based company that undertakes work all across Australia, with a particular expertise in the Queensland property market. The firm provides property market insights that are based on independent research and local market knowledge established through a wide network of property market contacts. As a result, clients receive the most up to date bespoke information and advice to ensure they make the most informed business decisions.

The National Property Research Company is a business based on wearing out boot leather, car tyres and plane seats. We believe that in order to really know what is happening in the property market you have to get out there and see what is actually happening. The best research is that which is conducted at the frontline. This is our specialty and we pride ourselves on it.

Since 1999, The National Property Research Company has found that statistics and data can, and often do lag behind what is actually happening on the ground. Through the firm’s extensive network of industry leaders, the highly qualified staff have developed an expertise at cutting through to the real issues. This has seen The National Property Research Company involved with over 24 UDIA award winning projects since 2004. A record we are intensely proud of.

As a highly independent research business, The National Property Research Company does not sell or market property. Our advice is relied upon by most of the ASX listed property firms, The State Government, Local Governments, the courts, large private firms and high net worth individuals.


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Millennial Insights

The start of every year is particularly interesting because a whole bunch of new words are added to the dictionary and define the trends that are emerging.  The creation of new words and phrases clearly define our society and what is important at the time.  Interestingly, more of our words are becoming an amalgam of two or three words.  

Awesational is the combination of Awesome and Sensational and will surely be just a matter of time before one of our newsreaders uses it to describe something impressive.  Impressive being yesterday’s word to describe something that is awesome and sensational...

Population Winners and Losers...

The measure of population growth and movement in Australia is one that can often be a highly contributory measure of economic success.  This is particularly so in smaller States or regions that depend on population increases for their economic wellbeing.  The latest data clearly identifies which States are the champions and those that need to spend plenty more time figuring out their strategies to attract and grow this lucrative resource.

Australia population growth is comprised of three important sectors...

SunCentral - Australia's Newest CBD

Today marks a very exciting day in the development industry. Town planners often talk about village centres and the creation of place making. Well, Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast is about to undertake this on a whole new level. The first sod will be turned today by the Queensland Premier in what will be the new CBD of the Sunshine Coast.  

This is truly remarkable because most CBD’s evolve over time and have a long history which is often limiting to what can be achieved today. Everything has to be retrofitted to a centre which may well have infrastructure that is half a century old or more.

The opportunity that SunCentral in Maroochydore must embrace for the Coast is to be the most modern city in Australia...