The National Property Research Co.

We are a Brisbane based company that undertakes work across Australia but we have a particular expertise in the Queensland property market.  

We provide property market insights that are based on independent research and local market knowledge established through a wide network of property market contacts.

As a result, our clients receive the most up to date information and advice to ensure they make the most informed business decisions.

The National Property Research Company is a business based on wearing out boot leather, car tyres and plane seats.

We believe that in order to really know what is happening in the property market you have to get out there and see what is actually happening. The best research is that which is conducted at the frontline.

This is our speciality and we pride ourselves on it.

Latest News

Three Days of Market Insights

Having just completed an intense three days whereby I delivered four presentations on various markets around South East Queensland, I thought I would share with you some of the more interesting insights regarding the Gold Coast Apartment Market, Migration, Small Businesses and Interest Rates. 

However, before I do, it would be remiss of me not to thank the four parties that had me along to talk, Queensland Department of State Development, Villaworld Ltd, QM Properties and Lotte Engineering and Construction – a top 10 business group in Asia. We are very proud of the quality of our clients and enjoy being part of and contributing to, their many successes.

Does a Carton of Beer Make a Difference?

Today the Reserve Bank announced a reduction in the official cash rate of 0.25% from 2.25% to 2.0%. Whilst every reduction is genuinely appreciated, we are at the point where it is not making a significant difference for consumer spending...

Fact or Fiction...

At The National Property Research Co. we are incredibly fortunate with the diversity of work we conduct and the clients we act for.  However at this stage of the property cycle, the level and depth of manure being pushed is out of all proportion to the risk and reward.  In sixteen years of researching the property market we have seen a lot.  Much of it outstanding with truly visionary thinking and execution.  This rant is simply pulling a thorn from the side and feeling better for it.  The property industry is a wonderful industry and one that has been good to many of us.  In football terms, “it is bringing the game into disrepute” that irks me.  The absolute disregard for the end user by some parties and the misinformation is enough to make an old researcher shake his head in utter disbelief.