The National Property Research Co.

We are a Brisbane based company that undertakes work across Australia but we have a particular expertise in the Queensland property market.  

We provide property market insights that are based on independent research and local market knowledge established through a wide network of property market contacts.

As a result, our clients receive the most up to date information and advice to ensure they make the most informed business decisions.

The National Property Research Company is a business based on wearing out boot leather, car tyres and plane seats.

We believe that in order to really know what is happening in the property market you have to get out there and see what is actually happening. The best research is that which is conducted at the frontline.

This is our speciality and we pride ourselves on it.

Latest News

Super Idea... Or Missing the Point?

The concept of dipping into our superannuation to fund the cost of housing is not a new concept.  It is however one that fails to recognise the root causes of why a young individual should have to reach into their super.  The ability to use your super to fund a house or apartment is the equivalent to putting a band aid over an artery and expecting the bleeding to stop.  Surely we are not so short sighted as to impact the future wealth of this nation and capacity to afford self funded retirement to appease an affordability issue.

The first question we have to ask is, why is this generation any different to any that has come before it?  Generation Y have been characterised by many traits, one of which is the desire to have something now.  In many respects they could be referred to as the “Impatient Generation”. So why does this generation find it more challenging than others to buy a house?

Cash Rate Declines- Consumer Sentiment Unlikely to be Impacted

Today the RBA has reduced the cash rate by a further 0.25% down to 2.25%. This is on top of already easing household pressures through fuel costs and food. Whilst there is often talk about interest rates providing inflationary pressure for residential property, the reality is that the correlation is quite weak. Of more concern for the policy makers and financiers should be what happens when the interest rates start to increase. With 50% of all home loans being to the investment sector, gearing ratio's will need to be monitored, particularly in areas where an oversupply is expected with rental incomes anticipated to decline in the short to medium term.

Brisbane’s Top 10: Million Dollar Plus Suburbs

A lot has changed in Brisbane’s premium housing market over the past decade. Once favoured suburbs have come and gone whilst others have maintained their iconic status. In 2004, there were slightly more than 360 house sales over $1 million in the Brisbane LGA.  In 2014 this had almost quadrupled to over 1,250 sales.  Property values have escalated despite the GFC and during 2004 the top ten suburbs yielded 53% of all house sales over the magic million dollar mark. Comparatively, 2014 has seen the top ten account for less than 40% of the total sales. This clearly demonstrates that more of our top end product is spreading further through Brisbane’s suburbs.