The National Property Research Co.

We are a Brisbane based company that undertakes work across Australia but we have a particular expertise in the Queensland property market.  

We provide property market insights that are based on independent research and local market knowledge established through a wide network of property market contacts.

As a result, our clients receive the most up to date information and advice to ensure they make the most informed business decisions.

The National Property Research Company is a business based on wearing out boot leather, car tyres and plane seats.

We believe that in order to really know what is happening in the property market you have to get out there and see what is actually happening. The best research is that which is conducted at the frontline.

This is our speciality and we pride ourselves on it.

Latest News

How Fragile is the Recovery?

The news keeps getting better on the interest rate front, however for all of the wrong reasons.  We recently noted that Australian building approvals had come off, only marginally in housing by 0.3%, however private sector accommodation excluding housing had declined by a very significant 14.0% in seasonally adjusted terms.


Interest Rates Remain Stable

Whilst the Reserve Bank has noted that residential prices have seen significant growth, a word that should be starting to announce what frame of mind they’re in, there would be genuine concern around the decline in dwelling finance approvals.  This is a part of the economy that the RBA would desperately like to see improve, however concern still arises out of higher unemployment rates.


Is Gladstone Really a Mining Town?

If you think Gladstone is a mining town, you'd be wrong.  Over 95% of the population is employed outside of mining.  The unemployment rate is 3.5%, well below the State average of 5.9%.  Whilst there is no doubt that a price correction in housing has occurred, many desktop analysts fail to see Gladstone for what it really is, an industrial port city.

Perhaps one other interesting piece of information, the majority of Gladstone's real estate agents actually have vacancy rates for housing at less than 5.0%, a far cry from the 12.0% plus being listed by others.