Quantitative Research

The insights produced by The National Property Research Company are customised to the specific requirements of the client, at the time of each request to ensure the latest data and information is used.

The following are examples of the most common types of qualitative research produced by The National Property Research Company:  Residential Demand Analysis to determine the expected level of demand for different dwelling types, price points, lot sizes and the level of amenity in specified areas. 

Pricing Strategy to ensure that pricing for vacant lots and house and land packages are affordable for the target market and reflect the attributes of the development and level of competition.

Competitor Analysis to assess the relative market share of developments within a particular area and to understand points of difference and what makes some developments more successful than others.  

Demographic Trends provide insight into the demographic trends of an area including factors such as ageing, household types, dwelling types, number of children per household, level of education, etc. These reports can indicate which groups of buyers prefer certain dwelling types and locations, where they’re likely to be employed and how they get there. 

Economic Conditions and Drivers provide insight into future growth opportunities and timing. The economic factors may include interest rates, employment by industry, housing affordability indicators, major projects activity and planning and infrastructure changes. 

Economic Development Study considers a range of factors including the surrounding employment nodes, the key industries of employment for the population and any specific site location benefits that may exist. This type of report can also be used to assess the amount and timing of industrial and commercial uses to be introduced into a town centre or master planned development.

Retail Demand and Staging Analysis examines the level of retail provision required to meet the needs of a master planned community as it grows over time. This includes the type of retail, household size and type, dwelling type and the surrounding retail facilities.  

Buyer Profile examines the details of buyers in particular areas or of particular dwelling types to gain a better understanding of the market. 

Investor Summary provides a snapshot of the property market in a particular area with a focus on information relevant to investors. This could include rental rates, sales rates, level of demand, population growth, new infrastructure, major projects activity, yields and historical capital growth.  

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