Surry Hills Warehouse Conversion and Mancave - Allen Jack + Cottier

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Inspired by the use of unique building materials and innovative design, #BuiltFormFriday brings us to the Mancave by Allen Jack + Cottier. Located on the top floor of a Surry Hills Warehouse conversion, the Mancave is a carbon-fibre pod that takes central position, organising and informing the surrounding living spaces whilst offering privacy within. Inside the cocoon-like Mancave is an inherently unique master suite featuring a bed moulded from the carbon-fibre walls, a matching integrated TV stand and all the features of a conventional ensuite complete with a shower area, freestanding basins and bathtub. Apart from the use of carbon-fibre in a structural sense, other distinctive design features include leather-clad flooring and LED lighting that snakes around the base of the room.

Although the Mancave would not have been the most affordable design choice, nor is it a design that will suit everyone’s taste, it sure is an innovative use of space. Personally, we would have envisaged a ‘Mancave’ to feature some form of sporting memorabilia on the walls, perhaps a second TV for when the AFL and NRL final series is on and a bar-fridge at the very least, but hey beggars can’t be choosers. What are your thoughts? #BuiltFormFriday

Architect: Allen Jack + Cottier
Photo: Castle + Beatty Architectural Photography